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when you?re sitting on the couch watching a romantic movie together and you have to give them a little knowing look that says, ?I love you in the mundane moments of our lives ?. You have to understand who you are, to dive deep into the wounds of the past so that you don?t bring these wounds into the present.

You need to know what it is about them or what it is about you, You have to carry your own pain. Its easy to fall in love with someone, to bask in newly minted intimacy and lose yourself in the romance. Its easy to start a love, its the staying part, The keeping part. The difficult part comes in the life plus love part, when you?re trying to squish two people together to form a unit. When life enters the picture -bills and payments and stress and divided attentions, thats when love starts to feel less like a romance and more like a battle.

To keep loving someone is an art. The start is the easiest part. To keep loving someone, you have to suspend the present moment in your mind and remember why you decided to love this person in those first glittery months of newness. You have to be in love when you don?t feel any particular tenderness or when you feel underappreciated.

To keep loving someone deeply is to see your own self nakedly and to show that naked self to another person, To expose that person to who you are,underneath the masks and defenses and walls. And to say intimately and bravely ?This is me, take me as i am?. And then hope they do not walk away from the real you.

To keep loving someone is an act of bravery. It is not for the light hearted. Love is for ones who will risk being rejected in the hope to being seen. These are ones who will not blame but will solve together, The ones who will fight to make it work because its worth fighting for. To keep loving someone is a challenge for the strong -willed, willing to face fear and win everytime.